Together with our partners, we take every challenge. Through this alliance, we are able to realize your wishes, from small to large projects, from large to small services, implementing your wishes and requirements optimally.




Qualigon acts as a B2B- company. It focuses on the subjects of quality that are viewed from the perspective of the customer. Express quality is Qualigon’s vision. And yet Qualigon does not only take express as a point of representation, expression and visualization but as currentness, swiftness and dynamics.

With these attributes Qualigon has proved itself as a good partner for us in the area of quality management.


Flocke & Rey


The Flocke & Rey Elektroanlagen GmbH, by Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Dethmann is our strong partner in transport engineering and installation of video surveillance systems in the private and commercial sectors. Flocke & Rey is our preferred partner in the development and operation of fixed and mobile assets such as the webcam site supervision.


University of Siegen


The University of Siegen exploring with the Faculty of Economics, computer science and new media innovative ICT-applications, particularly in the fields of practice cooperative work, community support, entertainment, aging society and sustainability. This creates a technological innovation in the research areas Human-Computer Interaction, computer- assisted group work, computing and software.

Together we develop in close partnership with the University of Siegen an Ambient Assisted Living that consists of different areas and services.


ITS-Germany - German Association for Intelligent Transport Systems


ITS Germany is a consortium of technical administrations, scientific institutions and private and public companies, service providers and consultants in the fields of telematics and traffic management technology. The purpose of the Company is the wide promotion of development, planning, construction and operation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and their components.




The competence cluster "Smart traffic and transportation systems ITS Hessen eV was founded in 2010 and currently consists of around 30 companies and universities. With the bundling the expertise of companies and universities that (ITS) have been active around the area of intelligent transport and traffic systems in Hessen. It should be an experience and knowledge potential merged and thus a more efficient transport systems are promoted.




North Rhine-Westphalia with 17.5 million inhabitants, the biggest population region and home to several major metropolitan areas of the Federal Republic, including the Rhineland and the Ruhr. Nowhere in Germany are the current and the future challenges of mobility more clearly than here. Objective is on the one hand representing the industry towards politically imitated technology projects for traffic telematics at federal or state level and to be a competent partner for the state government.


Fraunhofer-Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems IVI


"IVI" are active in congestion research and they complement the range of services offered by avinotec with their "Detektor" software for the recognition, tabulation and reporting of congestion, and the density and flow of traffic.




Vodafone is one of the largest mobile operators worldwide. Vodafone conducts one of the best mobile networks and  fixed-line products (such as DSL) in Germany, for years. Likewise the mobile data networks of Vodafone is among the best data networks in Germany, if not in the world.

As a solution partner of Vodafone D2 GmbH, we help you realize your projects where data can be transported by mobile communications among others.


Peperoni Mobile & Internet Software GmbH


Peperoni offers a full service for mobile and electronics business.

Peperoni has been a leader in social networking for over ten years - a long time before "Web 2.0" became fashionable. The "Peperonity" platform was strengthened by offering live video streaming and streaming of films and download of films in different levels of display quality thanks to avinotec.




CampusSource provides research and development results - in this case the software developments of the participating state universities relating to the technical infrastructure to develop and operate virtual educational facilities which are vital as a basis for the use of new media in the area of education - free and at no cost to third parties under the defined conditions of an open source licence.




bSoft provides products and services targeted to the digital multimedia market. The key of our approach is providing software solutions designed to maximize portability, together with the expertise to customise and optimise them for specific applications.


RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University is a major partner in the areas of road planning, operating and traffic engineering whereas they focus their research particularly on the areas of traffic engineering, traffic management, micro-simulation, traffic surveys and profitability analysis.




University of Technology Troyes (UTT)


UTT is a French university, which was founded in 1994. The university develops and maintains proactive relationships with industry. This allows cooperative research programs with companies and internships for their students. UTT is a member of the Carnot Institute Network (together with the Technical University of Compiègne) and is actively promoting the creation of new businesses.


Fernseh- und Kinotechnischen Gesellschaft


The television and cinema Technical Society (FKTG) one of the oldest technical associations in Germany. The main objective of television and cinema Technical Company is to offer all in the TV and film industry professionals and those interested in these fields scientists, engineers and technicians a base to exchange ideas and experiences and thereby promoting this technology areas. "